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Corporate Finance and Capital Market

Our department of Corporate Finance has a team of Financial Advisers that provide comprehensive advice on financial matters. The Corporate Finance Department of PKF Argentina is the strategic ally for your business, whether you require financing structure services with market entering or a business valuation.
Obtaining financing, the leveraging throughout own debt or capital, the access to the finance system, entering the capital market and public debt; the valuation of a corporate asset, the sale or purchase process of a company; the accurate credit risk assessment are only but some of the services that we offer to organizations.

In PKF Argentina we have developed and we specialize in structuring Trusts, administration, advice and control thereto and SPVs.
The comprehensiveness of the services applied in these structures grant us a distinctive seal, both for Public Trusts as well as for private ones

From the financial aspect of the same, their organization and management as well as the accounting, tax, review and control matters of these entities, in addition to the balance sheet audit; are some of the services offered. Likewise, we act as Review and Control Agents or Master Service in both public and private Trusts. We work for the main Trustee agents regulated by the National Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Our specific services in Corporate Finance and Capital Market are:
  • Asset valuation
  • Financial advice in debt structures and trustees entered in the Capital Market
  • Financial Advisers in mergers and acquisitions
  • Credit Risk Analyst as authorized by the Banco Nacion Argentina
  • Feasibility studies in investment projects
  • Advisers in structuring public and private trusts
  • ¬†Management of trustee structures
  • Review and Control Agent

Our PKF International network contributes to fostering and improving some of these services by the network of firms in the United States, Europe, Asia pacific and Latin America.