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Outsourcing Services

We aim to meet the information and control needs of those Companies that do not have a structure enabling them to carry out such activities.

By outsourcing administrative, accounting and payroll tasks, companies are able to focus on their core (commercial and productive) business and thus delegate to qualified professionals any work related to the company's information processing and the required financial information.

PKF Argentina has a specialized department to provide those services, and so we make a difference by relying on a multidisciplinary professional team.

Some of the services provided by the PKF Outsourcing department are:

Administrative - Accounting Outsourcing

  • Setting up administrative cycles
  • Registration and control of operations
  • Issue of monthly statements
  • Managerial reports for local and international purposes
  • Translation to US GAAP/IFRS
  • Preparation of cashflows and budgets
  • Update of commercial books
  • Account analysis and reconciliations
  • Bank procedures' management
  • Procedures to be complied with in the Public Registry of Commerce
  • Funds' management, Payment to suppliers

Payroll Outsourcing

  • Payment of salaries, wages and the relevant Social Security contributions and tax burdens
  • Labor and Social security advisory
  • Signing of the Payroll book
  • Administration of personnel files
  • Procedures and registration in the relevant authorities by the employer and/or the pertinent employees
  • Bank procedures for salaries' deposits
  • Operative audits
  • Attendance to reviews and/or answering requests from compliance organisms


  • Monthly and annual local and national tax assessment
  • Filing of monthly annual tax returns
  • Attendance to reviews and/or answering requests from compliance organisms