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Memberships and qualifications

Publica and International Organisms:

  • Full members of the Forum of the Firms IFAC
  • Registered in the Registry of Professional Studies of the Professional Council of Economics Studies of the Independent City of Buenos Aires.
  • Registered in the Auditors' Register of the Central Bank of Argentina.
  • Registered under "B" category in Nation's General Audit.
  • Registered under "B" category in SIGEN.
  • Registered as Independent Auditors of the Inter American Development Bank.
  • Recognized as External Auditors by the Inter American Investment Corporation depending of the Inter American Development Bank.
  • Appointed as Auditors by the World Bank on the Proposal "Procurement Audit in Argentina" for a two-year period as from November 1998. We have been included in their DATABASE.
  • Registered in the Consultants and Consulting Firms DATABASE of Secretary of Medium and Small Sized Companies.
  • Recognized as Auditors by the Inter American Foundation, organization depending from United States Senate.
  • Financial Auditors by the International Financial Corporation, the World Bank and Inter American Development Bank.
  • Registered with DACON Registry, Database of eligible Consulting Firms of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Recognized as service provider of the Program of Micro Business Management Consolidation in Non traditional markets (Programa de Consolidación de Micro emprendimientos en Mercados No Tradicionales).
  • Registered with the Argentine Internal audit Registry (IAIA).
  • Registered with the Superintendence of Insurance as External Auditors.
  • Registered as Credit Risk Agency for the Banco de la Nación Argentina.
  • Authorized to issue compliance reports of the Anti Money Laundering Program of Entities with correspondent accounts abroad (Banco Nación, New York Branch).